Name: Soner Dagtekin

Birth Year: 1974

Birth Place: Sivas, Turkey

Marital Status: Married, two children (one daughter, one son)

Professional Summary:

With a career spanning 25 years across public sector, private enterprises, and academic institutions, I have held various roles demonstrating profound expertise and leadership. Notably, I've managed a KOSGEB R&D project, coordinated projects at a Development Agency, and participated as a technical committee member in the Urban Security Management System (MOBESE) and several tender committees. My roles have also extended to serving as a software consultant for a government commission focused on performance evaluations. Currently, I am the General Coordinator for the Step to City project and a consultant at Senkrosoft, focusing on creating synergy among teams and stakeholders. My career is dedicated to fostering collaboration between the public sector, private companies, and universities, emphasizing the necessity of integrating global perspectives to generate national benefits. Since August 2020, I have voluntarily left my governmental positions to continue contributing through continuous work and innovation, as inspired by Albert Einstein’s notion that life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Professional Philosophy: "Production and innovation are invaluable both for personal growth and national progress. It is essential for a country like ours to utilize its limited resources effectively. The term 'local and national' is frequently mentioned, yet as Özgür Demirtaş suggests, being global is crucial to producing national benefits. True national benefit cannot be achieved without understanding and integrating with the world."

Current Status: Actively working and producing; I believe retirement only comes with the end of life.